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About Myself
Name: Lori Breese Krout
Years of Research:: 25+
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My interest in the Breese genealogy comes from wanting to know more about the last name I was was given when I was born and about the generations before me who passed that name down through my father’s ancestry.

My dad was a Breese, the son of Larwill Wilsey Breese and Charlotte Barbara Ossinger Breese. I had heard stories over the years about our rich family history in the United States, which goes back in this country to the time prior to the American Revolution.

I heard rumors of where the Breese / Brees name originated, and I was interested to learn more.

Shortly after my father died in 1983, I began to want to know more about him and our family history. I asked my mom a “simple” question: Where did the Breese name come from?

What I thought would be an easy answer turned into a complex web that led down many paths in my quest for Breese genealogy answers. Some of these paths were fascinating and others led to veritable dead ends. I learned to be patient, because what seems like a dead end one year can soon reveal a treasure trove of details when a new research contact is found or a document is located that states new information.This possibility of “more” is what has always keeps me in the genealogy game. And with the “more” comes additional family research lines that are as connected to me as the Breese surname.

Besides the research I have done on the Breese / Brees line in New Jersey and Illinois, this site also contains much research on my other family branches. I include much research on the Ossinger family who came from Germany, settling first in the Washington, DC area. I also have much information on my mother’s line, the Roemer family, who came from Kaiserslautern, Germany and settled first in New Jersey and then moved on to Illinois and Arizona. Other important family names include Spanswick (Berkshire, England and Illinois) as well as Larwill, Tompkins, Weber, Krout, MCann, McClain and many other lines.

Please use my contact form if you would like to reach me regarding my genealogical research. In most cases, I have much more available than what I have been able to publish here. I would also be very grateful to learn of your research if you can add information about any connections.

Breese Genealogy and Family Name History